Classification is not confirmation

Petrie dishes of capitalist experimentation . . .

It was an odd dream although I was not naked what I wore was neither me nor appropriate to the situation.

(will I be ready if and when recognition comes)
I walk into a meeting of high-powered people

(socially awkward outsider)

All the attention is on me when the representative “I” goes into this fabulously impressive articulate cultural analysis. Of course, I cannot remember when I wake except for something about our minds as Petri dishes for some social, political, corporate experimental bacteria. I write the one phase I can eek out on an orange post-it: Classification is not confirmation.

It took what forty-fifty years for the fringe to come to complete and total power? This brings me to Timothy Snyder’s resistance pamphlet, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. History repeats itself, but in the end, every dictator lives on life-support. The French Revolution—The Russian Revolution and our American revolution have proven the people bend until they break. In this instance, I hope history repeats itself while the imperiled Earth remains habitable.

Americans are stuck for the most between Drumpf and the news media (of course excluding Fox News) given two choices. Why? Because the Republican ruling class long ago abdicated its Constitutional role as a fair and honest opposition.

I am a LIBERAL, but this is not partisan—this is an independent view of a witness. Life in our two party system is like living with co-dependent parents whose constant battling has raised a dysfunctional family. Neither party serves the people well, but at least the Democrats attempt to feed, house, educated and care for the poor, the near-poor, the middle class, women, children and the elderly. The Republicans party is not a throwback to the 1950s. They are a throwback to Victorian England, Dickens, Bronte representations of good Christians who talk but do walk Jesus’s teachings. They misread and exploit the Bible for political cover and financial gain.

Money is the root of all evil, and our super wealthy or wannabe super wealthy representatives are corrupt. Racist went over the deep edge when a bi-racial man and his African-American wife and children (which in the history of the travesty and crimes of slavery probably are bi-racial). The fever went so deep and so far as to elect Donald Drumpf. Barely a peep is heard from hallow-hearted Christian representatives or their constituents as American values are dragged through the mud at home and abroad. Hey, Donald Drumpf can be forgiven anything simply because he is white. And white is right for questionably educated Nationalist—racist Fox viewers and consumers of Breitbart News, Bod Jones conspiracists, and opioid addicted Rush Limbaugh. We all need to change the channel even better turn off the TV and get our as President Obama advised in his farewell speech


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